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The IAI - Forensic Training


Quality Assurance Roadmap: A Guide to Improving Crime Scene Units

   January 9, 2024, Time: 1pm - 4pm EDT   Click on Class Flyer

   Instructors: Rebeca D'Jimas & Dr. Meredith Tise;  Tuition: $150

   Register here

The IMPACT of Improper Bloodstain Pattern Identification & Interpretation

   January 17, 2024, Time: 12pm-3pm EDT Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Dr. Heidi Sievers;  Tuition: $150

   Register here

Evidence Purge Party

   January 26, 2024, Time: 10am - 1pm EDT  Click on Class Flyer

   Instructors: Erin West & Jen Helms;  Tuition: $100

   Register here

Set Yourself Up For Success: A Proactive Approach to Build Relationships with Your Chain of Command

   January 29, 2024, Time: 11am - 1pm EDT  Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Lacey Oden;  Tuition: $100 

   Register here

Unlock Your Authority: Control Your Crime Scenes with the C.A.L.M. Method

   February 5, 2024, Time: 11am - 12pm EDT  Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Gabrielle Wimer;  Tuition: $60 

   Register here

How to Create a Healthy Forensic Team: Tools & Tactics to Change a Toxic Work Environment

   February, 16, Time: 12pm - 2pm EDT  Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Rob Caceres & Erin West;  Tuition: $100 

   Register here

How to Use Constructive Feedback to Help Your Employees Reach Their Full Potential

   February 23, 2024, Time: 1030 -1130 EDT  Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Erin West & Ashley Church;   Tuition: $75 

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Upcoming Training in New England Area

Palm Prints Searching Smart

   November 13 - 15, 2023, Maynard, MA   Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Jamie Bush 

   Register here

Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop

   November 13 - 17, 2023, Portland, ME   Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: David Garber 

   Register here

Advance Crime Scene Reconstruction

   December 13 - 17, 2023, Nashua, NH   Click on Class Flyer

   Instructors:  Garry Graff and Iris Dalley Graff

   Register here

Courtroom Testimony for the Forensic Science Professional

   January 22 - 24, 2024, Kingston, RI   Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Shelly Haight 

   Register here

The Analysis and Comparison of Footwear Impression Evidence

   March 11 - 15, 2024, Maynard, MA   Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: John S. Byrd 

   Register here

Upcoming Training in Neighborhood Areas

Advance Bloodstain Pattern Analysis 

   March 18 - 22, 2024, Onondaga, NY   Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Forensic Pieces (TBD) 

   Register here

Shooting Reconstruction 

   May 20 - 24, 2024, Onondaga, NY   Click on Class Flyer

   Instructor: Forensic Pieces (TBD) 

   Register here

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